Game of Thrones-Season 4

Anything Ziam

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Stupid 5SOS art


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•Harry Styles
•My Ukulele
•Ashley the bitch

ok i think i’m gonna go to bed

  • good luck with the bbc radio1 player
  • harry styles is a cutie pie
  • i’m making myself a potato-egg scramble for breakfast
  • good night to all my lovely little ducklings 
  • <3
  • oh and ashley good luck with your search 
  • i’m sorry i wasn’t more helpful
  • love ya
  • :*


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february 19th, 2013
february 19th, 2013

gayclubanthem replied to your post: gayclubanthem replied to your post:ga…

why do you hATE ME

nah let the feels & thoughts out. the third part is also very true.

SO DAMN TRUE. but also the ice cream because ice cream :3

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yeeEEESSS. what you said exactly!! it’s literally a constant struggle.

there’s also the third part “please pay my college tuition and buy me nice things i will repay you with sexual favors because you aren’t the only one here with a great mouth” 

i should be stopped

i’m not sure who you’re talking about because this could be applied to a lot of people we care about hahaha

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With this extension, any time you open a new tab money gets raised (from ads) for things like hunger and education!!

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Only a few hours left :)